Century Palm, Priors and Bonnie Doon @ House of Targ

While I try to recover from this past weekend‘s freezing cold that Ottawa had to endure.
I couldn’t say no to attending this show at House of Targ on March 4, 2017.
Performing at the show was Century Palm, Priors and Bonnie Doon.
It was definitely a late show to start off but well worth it.

Century Palm @ House of Targ
It was the album release for Century Palm. Performing mostly from Meet You which is their debut full-length. It was a pretty amazing new wave pop-punk set! Go out and check out their music.
Priors @ House of Targ
Wasn’t too familiar with Priors from Montreal. The band is made up of two members of Sonic Avenues and one member from The Famines and two other bandmates. I was really blown away with this set. Loud and heavy punk music which should have gone more than just 20 minutes. I hope they come back to Ottawa.
Bonnie Doon @ House of Targ
Starting off the show was Ottawa’s Bonnie Doon. Great surf post-punk rock music. Word has it that their long awaited album should be coming very soon. Let’s cross our fingers for this long awaited release!

Click here to see more photos from the show.

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