Charles Cleyn – Better [Listen]

Today, Ottawa/Berlin’s artist Charles Cleyn dropped a new single called Better.
A uplifting poppy tune which sounds very Top 40/Adult Contemporary-esques.

About the track:

I think, in general, this year has been a real challenge for most. I wouldn’t be alone in saying that the past few months have shocked my world. 2020. We’ll never forget it.
Sometimes though, when it seems like better is so far away, there’s often little things that can happen to make it feel close.
In the winter of 2019, I wrote a song called Better with James Bryan, not knowing what the future held. I listened to it again, but with a completely different emotional lens.
So even though I didn’t use my broken shoulder or any part of 2020 as an inspiration for this song, it sure helps listening to it now.
To remember that, no matter how hard life can get sometimes, it can get better.

Better gets:

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