Checking out Ottawa’s The Bigmuffs

The Bigmuffs Cover Art
Tony who works doors at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
He is very nice and never gives me any hassle at the shows happening there.
He plays drums for the Ottawa band called The Bigmuffs.
Their music is a loud, bluesy and psychedelic rock band.

I don’t listen to much of the “loud” and “hard” music.
Just want to spread the word out for this Ottawa band.
Here is a blurb about them:
Formed in the fall of ’09, with singer/guitarist Jeremy Stroud, guitarist Adam Wollinger, bassist Forest Yake and drummer Tony Caballero, they quickly set about working on material and by May of 2010, were performing live at venues such as Zaphod Beeblebrox and The Live Lounge with other local artists such as A Plot Against Me, Auto Racing, Futuresnake, First to Three and Down in Ashes.

Now they released a self-titled EP which you can get on their Bandcamp or iTunes.
Listening to the whole EP, it has that dirty grungey hard rock sound.
It’s very hard, aggressive and brings out the angst out of our system.
The singer’s voice has that harsh sound which sort of reminds me of what you would hear from Alexisonfire or F**ked Up.

Best tracks:

  • Too Tall Tales
  • Where The Walls Hits The Ceiling
  • Parquet
  • Weak

Fans of hard rock, you should check them out.

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