Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, Hayden and Astral Swans @ NAC Theatre [February 27, 2015]

It was a awesome busy Friday night at the NAC Theatre.
For those lucky enough to attend this sold out show, it was well worth it.

Group photo with Dan, Matt of Astral Swans and two of Blacksmiths (Kenton almost photobombing). Photo by Jessa Runciman.

I was enthralled to see Dan Mangan + Blacksmith perform and first time with the new moniker.
Dan played mostly from the album Club Meds (Which I am listening to now on vinyl) and played some old tunes from Oh Fortune and Nice, Nice, Very Nice.
Different atmosphere being intimate this time since I’ve been accustomed to his shows at bars and clubs.
A very intimate show to say the least.
Dan let his Blacksmith members showcase their works with the trumpet/horn player making an extended opening on Pretty Good Joke and Kenton the drummer his drumming moves.
Happy to hear Road Regrets which he told the story how the song happened.
Ended off with Sold which he got the audience to participate in singing.
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith @ NAC Theatre
Second to play was Hayden.
He was accompanied by J.J. Ipsen (which was a surprise) and Jay McCarrol of Brave Shores.
With the vast catalog he had, it seemed he mostly played materials from Us Alone and the upcoming album Hey Love.
It was a great set.
Hayden @ NAC Theatre
The first act was Astral Swans.
It was his first show to play to a sold out crowd.
He performed a nice 20 minute set of materials from his debut album All My Favorite Singers are Willie Nelson which is on Madic Records (Dan Mangan’s label).
Astral Swans @ NAC Theatre
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