Dan Mangan – Say When [Music Video]

Today Dan Mangan who is shortlisted for Polaris Music Prize 2023 for his album Being Somewhere dropped a track called Say When via Arts & Crafts.
A moody indie alterna-pop tune.

About the track by Dan:
“Say When” is a track written together with Lowell.
“We were talking about how no matter how grateful you are for wherever you’re at in your artist journey, you still want more,” says Mangan.

“It always feels like a truly big break is just around the corner, but that the obstacles between you and that break are ambiguous and ephemeral. It’s like you’re trying so hard and you’re stuck waiting for luck to come and anoint you. The song is totally earnest, but it’s also self-aware…like, I understand how ridiculous and self-indulgent it is to want cheerleaders to carry you through your hometown.”

Say When gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.