Day 1 of TURF [July 4, 2013]

Decided to head down to Toronto to check out the first annual Toronto Urban Roots Festival which is known as TURF.
I just needed a change of scenery.
This was my first time being at Fort York Garrison Common.
Playing on first day of the festival:
The Barr Brothers
The Barr Brothers @ TURF
Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura @ TURF
Joel Plaskett Emergency
Joel Plaskett Emergency @ TURF
She & Him

Photo by Frank Yang

The Barr Brothers was the first band to play.
They played at the west stage.
Hadn’t seen them since they played the NAC Fourth Stage last year.
The band played a wonderful set of folk rock music.
Played tracks from their self-titled album plus previewed some new tracks.
The Barr Brothers @ TURF
Walked over to the east stage to see Camera Obscura.
It was my first time seeing them play live.
I was blown away and in love with their music.
The band is promoting their new album Desire Lines.
Pretty much enjoyed that set.
Camera Obscura @ TURF
Walked backed over to the west stage.
Last to play was Joel Plaskett Emergency.
Before the show started, Dave Hodge of TSN came out to do a introduction.
Mentioned about how he was suppose to be in Calgary for Sled Island but was cancelled by the floods.
It was very moving.
Then Joel and the Emergencies came out and rocked out the place.
It was a greatest hits of songs Joel played.
From Through and Through and Through, True Patriot Love and Nowhere With You.
The audience was loving every moment of it.
Joel Plaskett Emergency @ TURF
Due to She & Him’s request that they didn’t want any photos (even cellphones) taken.
So I have to use the ones supplied by TURF.
It was the big night of the show.
I hadn’t seen them live.
Thanks to Zooey being on TV and commercial spokesperson.

Photos from Frank Yang

It was a nice show.
Played a set of catchy pop rock tunes.
Favorite was them singing of Unchained Melodies.
With the no camera polices, it was kind of distracting and funny seeing security yelling at people to not take photos from their phones.
I know it’s hard to deal with it but what can you do with today’s technology.
Zooey was asked on who made her dress and mentioned the big (flatable) beer can but she is a wine person.
I didn’t have to complain on not shooting, at least I got to stay in the VIP area.
Overall I had a great first night at TURF.
Here are the photos.

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