Day 2 of TURF [July 5, 2013]

Day two of TURF.
Despite the rain that happened in the afternoon and early evening.
Things went pretty well on the second night.
The bands that played were:
Arkells @ TURF 2013
Fitz and the Tandrums
Fitz and the Tandrums @ TURF 2013
Justin Townes Earle
Justin Townes Earle @ TURF 2013
JD McPherson
JD McPherson @ TURF 2013

The show started off with JD McPherson from Oklahoma.
The music they played was a mix of blues, rock and rockabilly
JD McPherson @ TURF 2013
Second act was Justin Townes Earle.
He played a mix of folk, Americana country and folk.
Justin Townes Earle @ TURF 2013
Third act I was really excited to see.
It was L.A.’s Fitz and the Tandrums.
This was my first time seeing them.
They put on a fun show with their indie pop and neo soul music.
People were having a blast dancing to their music.
They did a crazy cover of the Eurythmic’s Sweet Dream and got everyone singing along.
One of my favorite sets at this festival.
Fitz and the Tandrums @ TURF 2013
Lastly it was Hamilton’s Arkell.
Playing at the east stage.
A vast contrast from the night before with She & Him.
Alot of people were very eager to see them live.
I hadn’t seen them for quite sometime.
They definitely rocked it out of the park.
The band played in the first half of the set songs like Whistleblower, Ballad of Hugh Chavez, Deadlines, Oh! The Boss is Coming and John Lennon.
While the second half they did their “Motown Revue”.
Man it was insane!!
Favorite was them singing My Girl, You Can’t Hurry Love, Higher and Higher, I Want You Back and Sign Sealed Delivered.
Definitely a wonderful time!
Arkells @ TURF 2013
Here are the photos.

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