A Night of The Dirty Nil @ Babylon Nightclub

Wild Friday night at Babylon Nightclub with The Dirty Nil, Single Mothers and Dear-God.
All I can say that there was alot of moshing during all three of the bands that performed.
Brampton’s Dear-God kicked off the show with some hardcore and experimental hip-hop? punk music. 7/10.
Second was London, Ontario band Single Mothers.
Man! I hadn’t seen them live in quite some time.
They bought the angst up with their loud punk rock music! 8/10.
Then ending things off was The Dirty Nil.
It was déjà vu all over again since it was almost exactly one year ago where they performed at the same venue.
I only stayed for the first four songs before heading to another show that was happening at the same!
All I can say is it was insanely crazy with the moshing and I can’t get “No Weaknesses” out of my head and getting bruises on my knee. 8/10.
Check out the photos.

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