Distant Matter – Chrome [Listen]

Toronto artist Distant Matter released a catchy dance pop tune called Chrome which features Lily.
It is one of those tracks that sounds very much like Sylvan Esso.
Enjoy fun dancey tune!

About the song:
When you close your eyes and connect with the music, you get a certain indescribable feeling.
This song is about the importance of music in our lives.
He heard music in his head 24/7, whether it’s a song I’m obsessed with or a song idea that I want to produce.
He is constantly making music in his head, no matter what he is doing.
He always hear it, and it goes something like this…

He pictures lots of colours floating in space when listening to this track, and on the second drop it takes you into another dimension of the song.
When you close your eyes and listen to it, you can really feel it and see this vivid imagery.
He hopes that you are reminded of the power of music as you listen.
“Chrome” was written to transport you.

Chrome gets:

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