Doomsquad, Caabal, Petra Glynt & Mas Aya @ Mugshots [May 24, 2013]

Debaser is a radio show on CKCU FM from Tuesdays at 2-3pm.
They play a mix of psych rock low-fi surf punk alt soul-funk hip trip hop dream pop shoegaze garage blues grass druggy and tribal rhythms.
They held their show on May 24th at Mugshots.
Playing at the show:
Doom Squad @ Mugshots
Caabal/Hard Science
Cabaal & Hard Science @ Mugshots
Petra Glynt
Petra Glynt @ Mugshots
Mas Aya
Mas Aya @ Mugshots

I got to the venue and thought I missed the acts but I didn’t.
What I like about this show was there was a interactive overhead projections where you can make your own liquid light projections.
The show started off with Toronto’s Mas Aya.
I really enjoyed his experimental electro-world dance music.
Mas Aya @ Mugshots
Second was Petra Glynt.
Looking at her equipment and fashion.
She had that Grimes style/look.
Her music was experimental electro-dance.
Wasn’t Grimes from what I thought at first but I really enjoyed it.
Petra Glynt @ Mugshots
Doom Squad was next and I was so excited!
Having seen them at a BBQ Day Show during NXNE last year.
Finally I got to see them more of a indoor setting.
All I can say is “Eat Your Heart Out Austra!”.
When it comes to dark electronica dance music (Minus the operatic vocals).
Really enjoyed their experimental electronica-dance music.
I couldn’t stop dancing to their music.
Doom Squad @ Mugshots
Caught most of Cabaal and Hard Science’s set which was visually stunning and fun.
Cabaal & Hard Science @ Mugshots
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