Dragonette, Young Empires and Data Romance @ Babylon Nightclub [October 20, 2012]

It was definitely a fun night at Babylon Nightclub on October 20th.
Thought trying to get there at around 8:30pm would be good to wait in line.
Once I got to the venue, there was already a long line-up being a sold out show.
Also a first time where there was metal barriers at the venue.
Playing at the show were:

Young Empires

Data Romance

Ottawa was the final stop of the tour.

I was very excited to see Data Romance.
Hadn’t seen since almost the same time last year.
Want to thank them for getting me into the sold out show!
The duo of Amy and Ajay played a great electro-dance music.
It was kind of short set but they did play some new tracks on their upcoming album which drops on February 2013.
Good that they played to a full crowd and some people were grooving to their music.

Young Empires was up next.
Last time I saw them was in February.
I really enjoyed their set.
The band mostly play tracks from their current EP, Wake Up All My Youth.
Danced to their indie electro-dance rock or as it is called “World Beat Haute Rock”.
Hopefully the band will churn out new tunes in 2013.

Lastly it was Dragonette.
The audience was going nuts for her.
Martina was very surprised that everyone could fit and squish into the venue.
I wasn’t familiar with most of her music.
But I did enjoy and danced to her Electropop, synthpop, New Wave and dance music.
Forgot the name of the song she sang but it included a part from Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.
Somehow I actually sang out loud to that part of the song.
There was minor technical difficulties with the set.
So she asked the audience if they want sound or lights which they yelled out sound.
Of course she saved the best song for last which was the worldwide smash Hello which she collaborated with Martin Solveig.
I knew that song and couldn’t stop dancing and singing to that song.

Overall I really enjoyed this sold out show.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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