Photos from the 7th Ottawa Community Record Show

I went to the 7th Ottawa Community Record Show that took place at St. Anthony’s Hall in Ottawa.
Wanted to see what records I can find this time.
Still was abit overwhelming but wasn’t as crazy as the last one.
The records I bought this time were:
The White Wires – Crazy/I Need Your Love (the Poppees) 7″ single from Total Punk
The White Wires – Pogo ’til I Puke Tonight/Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill 7″ single which was re-pressed by Ugly Pop Records.
New Order – World In Motion 7″ single
Nina Simone – Little Girl Blue (aka Jazz As Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club) original and the vinyl is in superb sound but not the cover.
UPDATE: 8th edition will be on April 7, 2013.

Here are the photos.

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  1. Ger Madden

    well thi sucks. I went to the last one and i didn’t get a notification that it was happening. what’s the point of writing down my contact info if they dont’ bother to let people know when the event is happening?

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