Eamon McGrath – Sparkle & Bleed [Music Video]

Eamon McGrath released Sparkle & Bleed which was written at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown.
The song features Julie Doiron in this 5 minute moody slow burning dream rock tune.

About the song:
Sparkle & Bleed is in what will be remembered as an incredibly surreal and dreamlike spring in the city of Toronto.
There was a really distinct, yet indescribable, texture that seemed to be thick in the air, and that’s exactly what Eamon wanted to try and translate through “Sparkle & Bleed.”
No one knew what to make of it at all, they were just floating and lost.
It’s those feelings, that words have no ability to communicate, where music has the job of stepping in and taking over.

The shutdown in the spring brought with it a constant, ominous grey that covered the southern Ontario sky.
The windows of bars, shops, restaurants and convenience stores were all replaced by sheets of plywood.
It was bitterly cold and there was a confusion and uncertainty that was thick in the air.
Despite it only being less than a year ago, it seems like a lifetime in the past now, as all the other otherworldly events of 2020 followed shortly after.
“Sparkle & Bleed” is an attempt to journalistically capture this drastic and dramatic change, which came with a feeling of everlasting permanence in what was really only a few short weeks of our lives.
Coming to terms with the pandemic and the reality of the situation has been tough as everybody has their own experience of how it first went down.
It was very alienating, but desire ended up being a catalyst for many of the songs Eamon written throughout this difficult period.

Sparkle & Bleed gets:

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