Emmanuelle Léonard @ Galerie UQO

Went to this vernissage at Galerie UQO which is collaboration with CUAG.

Here is the info about Emmanuelle Léonard‘s works:
In the production of her work, Emmanuelle Léonard collaborates regularly with individuals in their work environments. Here, the workplace and the worker’s function become the collaborative vector between the artist and the worker/image maker.

For “Statistical Landscape” and “Dans l’oeil du travailleur”, employees took photographs in their workplace at the artist’s request. The former is a series of twenty photographs representing the twenty employment sectors in Toronto in 2004, according to Statistics Canada. The size of each photograph is proportional to the number of workers in the employment sector it represents. The second work is a newspaper comprising photographs of various industrial sectors.

“General Motors, Ste-Thérèse (the end)” documents the closing of the Sainte-Thérèse GM plant after thirty years of operations (putting an end to the Quebec auto industry). Léonard first shows a union meeting of former GM workers, members of CAW local 1163, at the union’s offices in Boisbriand. Documentation of the parking lot and traces of the sign on the closed plant’s façade are the final tangible traces of this workplace.

In “Les marcheurs”, Léonard photographed textile industry workers arriving at De Gaspé Street around 6:30 each morning for a month. Her camera captured the workers’ approach as they crossed through this last remaining industrial district in the heart of Montreal. An image of an adjacent vacant lot shows the workers’ footpaths through the snow.

“Les travailleurs de l’église Sainte-Rita, Nice” reveals the six workers of the Sainte-Rita Catholic church in Nice posing for the camera: Youcef Ben-Mohamed, Marie-Thérèse Caruana, Père Normandin, Joseph Paletta, Julien Pauliau and Roxana Ponchier-Alforo.

The exhibition runs until February 16, 2019.
The gallery is located on 101 Rue Saint-Jean-Bosco, Gatineau.

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