Entire Cities – I Hope You Never Come Home [Review]

I Hope You Never Come Home Cover Art
I was kind of surprised to receive an email from Toronto’s Entire Cities.
The band consist of seven members, which is similar to Canadian acts like Ohbijou and Bruce Peninsula.

Speaking about Bruce Peninsula, since Tamara Lindeman plays in both bands.
The band released their second album on December 7, 2010 called I Hope You Never Come Home.
Its ten tracks of folky rock tunes.
Here is a blurb about the band and the album.
This isn’t anything revelatory for a band, especially one that boasts seven members.
Sometimes people come and go, and sometimes you think it’s all over, but lucky for us it wasn’t.
We were able to harness the friction and disconnect between us, into a joyful, but conflictingly dark exterior.
With producer Heather Kirby (Ohbijou) we went about making music that is up to any challenge, music that can make you dance, or laugh, or cry.

Sort of reminds of Bruce Peninsula but more of twangy country sound to it.
Its a nice album if you are feeling kind of in the country mood.

Don’t forget Entire Cities will be playing a show in Ottawa at the Live Lounge on February 4th with Wildlife, Ornaments and Bryon Williams. [FACEBOOK EVENT]

Best tracks:

I’d give I Hope You Never Come Home 8/10.
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