Fast Romantics, Amanda Lowe and Kirty @ Club Saw

It was a wonderful night at Club Saw with Fast Romantics, Amanda Lowe and Kirty.
Fast Romantics @ Club Saw
As we wait for Ontario COVID-19 restriction is somewhat easing down for November.
While it was a seated show, Fast Romantic who was the headliner had the audience on their feet standing to their indie rock music.
Matthew Angus didn’t want to leave the stage with all the fun and excitement after these pandemic times.
The band previewed some new materials from their upcoming album and played tracks from 2020’s Pick Me Up.
Of all the times I’ve seen them opened up for other band, they were great and should be on par with other bands like July Talk, Stars and Said the Whale.
Fast Romantics @ Club Saw
Second was Ottawa’s Amanda Lowe.
Performing a lovely dreamy ambient folk pop music with elements of emotionally sad and liberating set.
Got the audience to do a sing along on the last song.
Amanda Lowe @ Club Saw
Starting off the show was Kirty.
One of the members of Fast Romantics did her solo set of folk pop music.
Played tracks from the 2021 album We Are All On Fire.
Kirty @ Club Saw
Check out the gallery.

Overall show gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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