Fat Tony @ Bruise Cruise [NXNE 2013]

By Tiffany Yam
And to the few and lucky that were in attendance today at the NXNE Bruise Cruise by M For Montreal, lets just lay down the truth now.
Fat Tony @ Bruise Cruise [NXNE 2013]
Being on a boat mid afternoon is pretty badass- regardless if said boat drips with ’80 style wooden finishing and royal blue carpeting.
If you could move past the haunting feeling of reliving someone’s prom and catch a live set or two, then it was all worth it.
On lower deck, Jamaican rapper Fat Tony warmed up the stage with songs from their upcoming album.
Fat Tony @ Bruise Cruise [NXNE 2013]
Singing his anthem of thick-in-lyrical style hip hop, he drew us in with an even ratio of wit to spit.
What’s not to like with the duo manpower of rhyme and beat?
Fat Tony and Tom C showed much solidarity in friendship and finished off songs that saluted their duplicity of drinking and sexual habits.
I’ll admit to falling under their body swaying charm and dancing to lyrics that I wouldn’t want my own mother to hear.

Fat Tony @ Bruise Cruise [NXNE 2013]
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