Ferriswheel & Avec Pas D’Casque @ Le Petit Chicago [June 9, 2012]

Rarely I ever step into Hull/Gatineau for a show.
But I really wanted to attend this show that took place at Le Petit Chicago on June 9, 2012.
Playing at the show were:

For those not familiar, Ferriswheel is a band from Montreal/Gatineau and they play instrumental music on the veins of Bell Orchestre and Torngat.
Last time I saw Ferriswheel was on December 2011 which was around that same area but in a studio space.
Considering some of the members have been busy with their other band one being Simon with Timber Timbre.
Guess what? Taylor and Mika of Timber Timbre was in attendance at the show.
They were in the area recording music for a soundtrack.
Ferriswheel @ Le Petit Chicago
This was the first time I’ve seen them play in a bar/club kind of setting.
The stage at Le Petit Chicago is pretty small and surprised that all six members could fit.
This time they had Michael Feuerstack of Snailhouse accompanying them.
I thought it was amazing to see him play with them.
When they played Un peu au nord et sans distorsion, I just had to sway to that song.
Funny I thought Mathieu said “podcast” but I later found out that it was the headlining band’s name.
I totally enjoyed their set alot!
Ferriswheel @ Le Petit Chicago
I stuck around for two songs during Avec Pas D’Casque.
They were very indie franco-rock with a hint of lo-fi folk sound.
I didn’t know Simon, Mathieu and Pietro was accompanying this band.
They were great live.
They kind of reminded me of Karkwa.
Sadly I didn’t get to stay for the whole set.
Avec Pas D’Casque @ Le Petit Chicago
Overall I was surprised with the turnout for this show.
It was packed and people enjoyed the music.
That is why I am fascinated how people in Quebec support the arts.
Even if the band isn’t as big, they will go out to their shows and support them no matter.
Great Saturday night!
Here are the rest of the photos.

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