Fleece – So Long [Listen]

Montreal quartet Fleece released the second in their three-part single series called So Long.

100% of the proceeds from the single today thru July 10 will go towards the Black Youth Helpline, Native Women’s Association of Canada and Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention.

About the song.
Discussing “So Long” vocalist/lyricist/keyboardist Matt Rogers stated, “‘So Long’ was written before the COVID pandemic, but the lyrics certainly ring true for the time we’re living in.
Although it’s a fun song, it’s really about transitioning and adjusting to change.
The lyrics describe feeling as though your only connection to the world is through your phone.
It’s about saying goodbye to the world we lived in before Twitter, smartphones and Reddit.
The times when we used to show up to each-others houses unannounced and it wasn’t weird.
Now, however, in the context of COVID-19, the song sounds like it’s about saying goodbye to the world we lived in before the virus.
It’s kind of eerie how the lyrics sound in the context of the COVID pandemic.
Either way, I hope people find themselves and their own interpretation in these lyrics and do so while dancing the day away.
I hope the vibes the song brings can help people find some light in this darkness.”

So Long gets:

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