Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me

Wow! This just blasted out of the waters (No pun intended)!
I am talking about the new single from Florence + The Machine.
What The Water Gave Me is taken from the second album which will drop sometime this November.
Let’s cross our fingers if they don’t have the “sophomore curse”.
Ever since the world was blown away with the voice of Florence and with the album “Lungs”.
The song is a five minute epic and it has that medieval haunting sound to it.
All I can say it “Florence please give me the water you are taking”.

Have a listen to What The Water Gave Me.
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  1. Maura Stephens

    Oh, heavens .. once again, she has succeeded in giving me chills. This is a seriously marvelous track. Thank you for drawing our attention to it, Ming!

  2. Post

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