Forest City Lovers – Carriage (Review)

Forest City Lovers is a Toronto band that people should definitely need to check out.
The band released their third album Carriage on June 22nd (Digital) and June 29th (Physical).
All I can say is I can’t stop listening to this album.
It is a follow-up to their last effort “Haunting Moon Sinking” (Which has been reviewed here).
Its more daring than the last album.
More of a fuller sound and unique instrumentation and vocals (Keep The Kids Inside).
I think its very shocking to hear Kat Burns drop the F-bomb on Tell Me, Cancer.
Nice surprise to hear Luke LaLonde of Born Ruffians collaborate with Kat on “Pocketful of Rocks”.
Lots of upbeat tracks in Phodilus & Tyto, Minneapolis, Constellation and Believe Me.
To ballady tracks in Sea To Land and Pocketful of Rocks.
Nice that If I Were A Tree made it on the album but its different from the music video and mostly Kat vocal driven.
Its a superb, brilliant and lovely indie pop-folk album!
One of the best albums to come out in 2010.
Sucks they were not on the Polaris Prize Long-list.
Best tracks:

  • Phodilus & Tyto
  • [audio:]
  • Tell Me, Cancer
  • Minneapolis
  • Sea to Land
  • Keep the Kids Inside
  • Pocketful of Rocks
  • Oh The Wolves! (Ou es Ma Soeur?)
  • Light You Up
  • Constellation
  • Believe Me
  • If I Were A Tree
  • [audio:]

The band will be in Ottawa on September 17th at Raw Sugar Cafe.
If I rate this, it would be 10/10.
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  1. justin

    their previous work was called “Haunting Moon Sinking” not the other way round 🙂

  2. justin

    and they are not eligible for the polaris this year because their album had to come out prior to may. they’ll be a contender for next year for sure 🙂

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