Gary Voicemail & Asile @ The Daily Grind Cafe [January 3, 2013]

First show of 2013.
Went to the small Daily Art Grind Cafe to see two local bands play.
They were:
Voicemail [Not sure if they are going by Voicemail or Gary Voicemail?]
Voicemail @ The Daily Grind Cafe
Asile @ The Daily Grind Cafe

Didn’t see the headliner Life Chain.
The show started off with (Gary) Voicemail.
Band features members from The White Wires and Mother’s Children.
Pretty enjoyed their indie garage rock music.
Voicemail @ The Daily Grind Cafe
Things got pretty packed when Asile was up next.
The last time I saw them was a few months at the Dirty Dom.
This time it was pretty tame with no one moshing and going crazy.
A loud French hardcore set they put on.
Asile @ The Daily Grind Cafe
Overall it was a interesting show. Wish the place would remove the tables for more space.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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