2nd Annual Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene [Results]

The “Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene” Poll returns for 2013.(If people like it or not :P)
Did it for the first time last year.
As a reminder this is just for fun.
Hot doesn’t mean looks and sex appeal.
It’s all about the music, sound and passion that drives an artist to being “hot” to their fans and audience.

To make the playing fields easier this year.
Last year’s winner won’t be counted this year (Don’t want to be like Xpress [RIP] where they always have the same winners every year :P) and make it fair for anyone nominated.
Also if I forgotten someone, please make a comment.
Check out this year’s nominees!
Enjoy and vote as many times as you want.

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  1. Tammy Belanger

    Shannon Rose and The Thorns is one of Ottawa’s finest and best sounding bands live!
    Shannon rocks the stage and her vocals sure pack a punch!

  2. Post
    Ming Wu

    I can’t tack anymore nominees.
    Google Doc is so weird and can’t show me the results if I have more than 25.

  3. Dave C

    The scope must be made narrower than Ottawa’s Music scene.
    I have only heard of 2 bands on your list and only seen one band (Souljazz Orchestra) because I did sound for them once.
    Where do these bands play?

  4. Ian Boyd

    Very comprehensive list of artists in the local scene. You can’t possibly list them all as this city is teeming with talent. I would like to be able to vote for three in each category next year as picking just one was really hard. 😛 Compact Music has most of these artists and we wish rhem all the best of luck.

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