Gentle Party – Unsafe [Music Video]

Gentle Party is a band from Vancouver.
They released their haunting music video for Unsafe which will be taken from their upcoming 2022 album.
Perfect harmony of experimental avant-chamber pop music.

About the track:
They wrote “Unsafe” from the perspective of a sexual assault survivor on the stand wanting her abuser to feel what she felt.

It’s an incantation to reverse their positions and subject him to experience extreme vulnerability.
They visualized prejudice against others by showing people veiled in different colours.

At the beginning of the video they wear veils that are the same colour as the guilty party, which is meant to show society’s knee jerk reaction to not believe women.
But by the end, when they’ve heard her story, they remove it to reveal a teal veil which is the colour of Sexual Abuse Survivor Awareness.

Unsafe gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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