Ghost Cousins – Landscape of Animals [Review]

Landscape of Animals Cover Art
Usually I would get emails from musicians and bands for them to review their music.
Sometimes I would be so blown away and some not.
With the ones that I feel that are so good that you have to check them out, it is hard for myself to type it up into words.
In one case for this band from Edmonton called Ghost Cousins they so surprised me away.
Ghost Cousin consist of:

  • Mathew Letersky
  • Shane Hauser
  • David Letersky
  • Matthew Gooding

Ghost Cousins will be stopping in Ottawa on August 20th at Club Saw. Details are on here.
Here is a snippet about their music on their site.
Ghost Cousin’s impressionistic sound owes as much to contemporary indie-pop artists like Grizzly Bear and Midlake as it does to 70s art-rock and the jazz greats.
The band strives for memorable melodies and interesting textures, and on their self-recorded, self-released debut EP, Landscape of Animals, they exhibit a unique style, both assured and promising of greater things to come.

Listening to their EP “Landscapes of Animals”.
It was like listening to a mix of Ohbijou, Will Currie and the Country French and Patrick Watson.
If you like the folky somewhat 1970s sounds in The Big Dig and Time Traveling Blues.
To the ambient art rock sounds to I Wanna Hold Your Otter Hand, Skeleton in Cupboard and Landscapes of Animals.

It is filled with luscious lo-fi sound of the guitar, keyboards and drums.
Best tracks:

Give this EP 8.5/10
Landscape of Animals is available on their Bandcamp.

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