Guaranteed Fresh with Peter Projects

Peter Projects was one act that I missed out at Pop Montreal this year.
When I heard the name, I thought it would be him who I talked to at Pop Montreal but it was someone else.
Who knew both had the same name.
Music is a mix of indie pop electro hip-hop.
The EP has a theme of being squeaky clean.
Catchy and funky sampling.
Interesting collaboration with More Or Less, Masia One, Wordburglar, Laura Barrett and Maylee Todd for those that don’t know she sings in the Woodhands song Dancer.
Quote from Musebox about the EP:
What’s particularly rad, though, is the packaging: the EP is available ONLY as a bar of soap! Weird, right?
It’s actually a download card imbedded into a handmade soap bar designed to look exactly like an iPod.
And since the download card is right in the middle, you kind of have to use the soap to get the music
I would love to purchase this unique EP.
Best tracks:

  • Simply Fresh
  • Unorthodox feat. More Or Less
  • The Quest For Extreme Personal Freshness feat. Laura Barrett
  • In Retail feat. Masia One, Maylee Todd and Wordburgular

This EP gets me all boucing with its funky beats.
As the title suggested his music is guaranteed fresh in my books.
Crossing my fingers if he makes a stop in Ottawa for a show.

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