Aaron Mangle sent me an e-mail to let me know about his band called Cousins.
They are a four-piece from Halifax.
Music is indie rock/alternative shoegazing.
Checking out their Myspace page.
I like the three song they have on their music player.
Would be nice to know what the whole album sounds like.
But for now I have to hear those three tracks which is great to hear.
Press statement:
Cousins is a new quartet from Halifax , Nova Scotia, formed by singer/guitarist Aaron Mangle (A Helpful Diagram), and featuring Andy March on drums (Museum Pieces/Ghost Bees), Dallin Ursenbach on Guitar and Pat Ryan (Room Doom) on Bass. Drawing inspiration from the playful sensibility of Deerhoof, and the honest poetics of Julie Doiron, Cousins bring calm subtlety and vigorous intensity together in a performance that is both shocking and intimate.
After self-producing his debut Out On Town, Aaron formed Cousins, and penned a joint deal with Halifax imprints Youth Club Records (Ghost Bees, Al Tuck, Special Noise, Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, Museum Pieces) and Musical Chair Music (Stacy Lloyd Brown, Fall Horsie). Scheduled for release in September 2009, this impressive effort will strike a chord with those who admire the recent work of Women, Department
of Eagles, Cryptacize or Chad VanGaalen.

Come out and support Canadian music.

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