Hiroki Tanaka – Bare Hallways [Music Video]

Today Hiroki Tanaka (ex-Yamantaka//Sonic Titan) dropped the third single and official music video for Bare Hallways.
The track is taken from his upcoming debut solo album called Kaigo Kioku Kuoku (Caregiving Memory Songs) which comes out on October 14, 2020.
It a moving personal track/music video that will make you cry.
One of those moments of feeling emotional helpless when dealing with relatives that is on the brink of death or illness.

About the song/music video:
In “Bare Hallways” a variety of items collected from the house are placed on various “altars”. Shadow puppets depicting experiences that Hiroki and his grandmother went through, as well as abstract representations of the “Sisyphean” task of caregiving.

Using objects from the house that Hiroki cared for his relatives in, he has created a “sonic archive” of his experience, of his family’s tangled cultural history between Japan and Canada, and a meditation on death and mourning.

Bare Hallways gets:

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