Hiroki Tanaka – Kaigo Kioku Kyoku [Streaming]

Today is the day that Hiroki Tanaka finally drops his long awaited album called Kaigo Kioku Kyoku via Coax Records.
The former Yamantaka//Sonic Titan member steps out on his own to create this raw, softer alternative folk music.
The album title translates into Caregiving Memory Songs and it is 8 stunning personal and emotional songs of loss and remembering.
2020 has been a unique year with Asian musicians and bands putting out great albums like Pantayo, Emmy the Great and many more.
Hiroki is one exception and you should have a listen to the album.

About the album:
Kaigo Kioku Kyoku was built from his experience as a caregiver for his grandmother with Alzheimer’s, and uncle with terminal cancer. In a further nod to the circular nature of life, the house that Hiroki cared for his relatives in was also the house he was born in.

Combining the sounds of objects collected from the house, voice recordings of his relatives, and structuring the songs off of hymns and Japanese folk songs, Hiroki has created a “sonic archive” to preserve his unique family history, and document the stark reality of being a caregiver.

Compelled to create Kaigo Kioku Kyoku after this challenging period, he is striking out on his own for the first time and bringing all his experience with him. The result is a cathartic album that is as lush and virtuosic, as it is raw and intimate.

“I wanted to create a sonic archive of the space that had provided me life, and served as space for transformation and shedding. I wanted to provide a voice that I hadn’t heard before, one that illustrated the experience of being a caregiver in stark detail. One that celebrated my family’s multicultural heritage and created a snapshot of a family’s history.”

Kaigo Kioku Kyoku gets:

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