Holobody – III EP [Streaming]

Montreal musician Luke Loseth who goes by Holobody has dropped the EP called III via Couteau Music.
A vibrant blend of experimental pop, acoustic and psych and electro-pop music.

About the EP by Luke:
Never shying away from the exploration of sound, Holobody melds experimental genres with pop sensibilities, resulting in a shimmering EP that is equally sophisticated as it is catchy.

With III, summer mania, light worship and upward thinking is on full display.
The bright season is now closing and a new chapter is beginning.

The gorgeous duet with Le Ren on “Half Of The Time” hints to what we had and what is to come.
On “Élan”, Holobody poetically sings in French about becoming a citizen of love.
Positivity is in abundance where folk stylings meet modern electronics and stellar musicianship.

III get: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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