Hooded Fang, HSY and Germaphobes @ The Horseshoe Tavern [June 3, 2016]

This past weekend I headed down to Toronto for Field Trip Festival (which happended on Saturday and Sunday).
So on Friday night I went over to the Horseshoe Tavern.
Thank god I found out about this show on social media and totally had a FOMO!
It was the LP release for Hooded Fang‘s Venus on Edge.
Opening up for them was HSY and Germaphobes.

Hooded Fang @ The Horseshoe Tavern
I have to say with the various times I have seen Hooded Fang performing live. This was definitely my favorite show! Probably because it was their LP release show in their hometown of Toronto. There was alot of people in attendance and alot of Asian people at the show. The vibe was so fun and positive. The band mostly played materials from the new album and some tracks from the last album Graves. Of course they will be in Ottawa for Arboretum Festival but I really want to catch this show! It was worth it!
HSY @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Second band to perform was HSY! The sludge punk rockers performed a melt in your face insanity of loud and noisy music. Very deja-vu since I saw them last year at the same venue. With the exception of Jude popping his knee cap. During the third song people went crazy moshing! It was a crazy set!

Germaphobes @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Starting off the show was Toronto’s Germaphobes. This was my first time catching them and they were really great with their new-wave-tinged art pop music. A band that you should check out in the future!

Overall a great Friday night show!
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