HSY – Bask [Album Review]

Very eerie when certain albums drops on September 11th.
Well this one isn’t and the wait is over for Toronoto’s HSY (Pronounced Hussy) since they finally dropped the long awaited debut album called Bask.
HSY @ The Horseshoe Tavern [NXNE 2015]
Bask is 12 tracks filled with nightmarish loud noisy sludgey electro-punk rock music.
If you haven’t catch them live, it is something to experience.
While most of the tracks on Bask are short in the 2 minute.
The big surprise are tracks like Valour which is around 4 minutes and the last track Borg which is around 7 minute.
Lots of hazy noisy and screaming of Jude’s vocals.
For those expecting to hear more of Anna’s vocals.
The majority is about 55% of Jude and 45% of Anna.
HSY @ Mugshots
But still a fine great album to listen to.
Gets your angst out!

Best tracks:

  • Acid Peel
  • Slush Puppies
  • Feeder
  • Sally
  • Scratch
  • Cyber Bully
  • Woulda Coulda
  • Valour
  • Dr. DETH
  • Borg

I’d give Bask 10/10 and is out on Buzz Records.

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