I Can’t Believe It’s Not: Talking Heads! [December 10, 2016]

Arboretum Festival presented the 6th edition of I Can’t Believe It’s Not which was totally sold out.
This time it was The Talking Heads, with a 13-song live dance party celebration of inimitable new wave pioneers Talking Heads, featuring seminal tracks from Remain In Light, Speaking In Tongues, Fear of Music, ’77 and many more!
Before that happened there were two great acts opening up the show and they were Fiver and The Luyas.

I Can't Believe It's Not - The Talking Heads

Fiver started off the show with some intimate acoustic singer/songwriter folk music.
While it was a lovely set, you can tell by the frustration by Simone with the audience being chatty.
Very hard is when people want to do is dance to the music.

Fiver @ St. Albans Church

The Luyas was the second act to perform.
They got the audience on its feet!
Having seen them back in October, it was nice to see them again.
The band performed alot of new materials and mostly from the 2016 EP Says You.
Nice to see them played to a full crowd of people dancing to their music.

The Luyas @ St. Albans Church

Finally it was the big moment.
The Talking Heads live set by members of The Acorn, Jon Hynes, The Luyas, Wooden Stars, Bonnie Doon, Pascal Delaquis, Heavy Medicine Band, Kristy Nease, Jerusha Lewis, Neema Mugala, Yellow Jacket Avenger, FEVERS.
Non-stop insanity of fun and dancing and having a great time!


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