Interview (Audio) with Dirty Beaches [NXNE 2011]

Still at NXNE in Toronto, Canada.
Finally I got to interview Dirty Beaches!
It took place in the back of Silver Dollar Room, so there might be parts where it’s noisy with people.
Dirty Beaches @ The Silver Dollar Room
Want to thank Tiffany Yam for asking some questions to him.
There is parts in the interview I happened to speak some Cantonese.
So it was 20% music related and 80% Chinese culture related.
Dirty Beaches @ The Silver Dollar Room
Have a listen to the interview.
Also listen to Lord Knows Best and Sweet 17

For those that don’t know what I was talking about during the interview in Chinese.
Here is a brief info.
I mentioned the famous ending scene to Fallen Angels. Which is on his Myspace page.

As Tears Goes By where they play a Cantonese cover of Take My Breath Away by Sandy Lam. That scene with the jukebox and the kissing scene is just simply wow.


Golden Harvest (a Hong Kong film company)

An Autumn’s Tale with Chow Yun Fat and Cherie Chung. I said to Alex that it was my favorite Hong Kong film of all time.

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