Interview with Caribou

Caribou @ Babylon
On May 4th, Emily and I got a chance to interview Dan Snaith of Caribou.
We interviewed him inside Babylon before the show started.
Below are some of the questions we asked him.
If you want to read the full interview, click here.
MW: Ming Wu
EMJ: Emily Jeffers
DS: Daniel Snaith

MW: It’s been almost two years since you played in Ottawa. How excited are you to be playing here again?
DS: It’s awesome. I’m really excited. It seems like a long time since we’ve toured. Coming back to Canada—we did Toronto last night—Canadian shows are always really special. Playing here is always really great.
EMJ: People are obviously excited. There have been people waiting for a couple of hours now, waiting to get those last few tickets.
DS: Wow, that’s crazy.
MW: I love the new album, Swim. It’s very different from the last one, Andorra.
DS: It is, yeah.
MW: It’s more techno-y, I guess, trance-y.
DS: Yeah, I’ve been listening to lots of dance music in the last couple of years. I’m excited by lots of new things going on in dance music. That’s where it’s been coming from.
MW: You called in Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians to sing on Jamelia. Is that your first time having a different artist collaborate with you on your songs?
DS: No, the first time was this guy Koushik, who is a friend of mine. He’s on Stones Throw Records. He sang on a couple of tracks on Up in Flames years ago. Then actually Jeremy from Junior Boys on Andorra sang “She’s The One.”
MW: Would you say your music is more accepted in Europe and the UK than in Canada, or both equally?
DS: Both equally. My experience is that wherever we go and play shows, people we meet are kind of similar. It’s not that things are so different. It’s that these days, everybody’s listening to the same thing on the Internet or in some way that doesn’t depend on geography. My experience is that things have been going great everywhere. People have been really nice.

For the full interview click here.
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