Isaac Vallentin, Pony Girl and Scary Bear Soundtrack @ The Record Centre [CHUO FM Funding Drive]

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Right now until October 25th is CHUO 89.1 FM‘s funding drive.
The goal is to raise $20,000 to complete their website.
No Filter on CHUO 89.1 FM @ The Record Centre
For my radio show No Filter, I did a live broadcast at The Record Centre.
Actst hat performed were Isaac Vallentin, Two members of Pony Girl, Gloria of Scary Bear Soundtrack.

Isaac Vallentin @ The Record Centre
Isaac Vallentin performed two new songs that isn’t from his debut album Hadera.
Pony Girl @ The Record Centre
2/6 of Pony Girl performed a lovely stripped down set. Performed two tracks from their upcoming album Foreign Life
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ The Record Centre
Gloria of Scary Bear Soundtrack performed a wonderful synth-pop set.

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If you want to win tickets to Kalle Mattson at the NAC 4th Stage, please text to 613-562-5967 make any donation and say you want to see Kalle Mattson.
Click below for more photos.

Have a listen to the show

No Filter live at The Record Centre [Hour One] (October 19, 2015) by Photogmusic on Mixcloud

No Filter Live at @theRecordCentre [Hour Two] @ponygirlband @scarybearsound (October 19, 2015) by Photogmusic on Mixcloud


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