I See Rowboats – Hide & Seek Behind The Throne [EP Review]

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I just found out today that this band I just got to notice (Mostly from CBC Radio 3) and like this year just disbanded.
I could be wrong with the news but let’s see what happens.
The band is I See Rowboats and they are from Halifax. Interesting band name and they released a EP called Hide & Seek Behind The Throne.
Members made up are:

  • William Robinson (vocals, guitar, baritone uke & samples)
  • Solomon Vromans (cello, bass, guitar & saxophone)
  • Lisa Lipton (viola, keyboards, guitar, bass & glockenspiel)
  • Luke Fisher (fiddle) 
  • Darcy Fraser (drums, percussion & melodica)

They were such a promising to look out for.
Anyways on to the EP.

Its a really amazing innovative album. Lyrically is amazing too.
Also with the instrument the band plays is totally refreshing to listen to.
Has that Arcade Fire with a east coast edge to it.
Standout track has to be In Cars, something about just brings that “wow” factor to the song Waiting Up is such a haunting track.
Mine & Strike has that Final Fantasy sound mostly with the violin part.
For those who lives in the east coast and probably got to see them live.
They put on a killer show. Great EP and get it you want to listen to something different and amazing in the Canadian Indie Music Scene.

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