Bonjour Brumaire – De la Nature des Foules

CD cover 2008 has been a great year for Quebec (mostly from Montreal) bands coming out the indie music scene.
Some mostly singing mostly in French and getting some fanfare.

Of course with Quebec’s star system bands like Malajube and Karakwa (Their song Oublie Pas is amazing) are paving the roads to getting into all of Canada or they are really big inside Quebec and having alot of fanbase support.
I’m trying to appreciate Quebec music despite being “Lost In Translation” with french.
This is my first review for a French album.

Case in point with Bonjour Brumaire.
Bonjour meaning Hello and Brumaire I don’t know what the translation is.
They released their album De La Nature des Foules (aka Nature of Crowd) which came out on April 1, 2008.
Band members are Youri Zaragoza, Nathan Howard, Francois Lessard, Jordan Larocque and Karine Novelle.
I’ve seen them live three times now and they are such nice people to talk to.

On to the album.
I really love this album despite not know any french.
Its one of those non gap albums which I like and I am thinking its one of those “conceptual” albums.
Its a great rock pop French album.
Catchy tunes that you can kind of sing along and great guitar riffing sounds.
Interesting keyboard which feels like you’re going to a circus or church or baseball game (L’insouciance Ne S’improvise Pas).
The album has that fun rock sound too.
I feel they should be playing bigger venues since the album has that “rock anthem sound”.
Case in point Prunelle (aka Pupil), Brooklyn (aka Brooklyn), La Fin A Petit Feu (aka The End of Small Fire), Pavillon Lachapelle (aka Lachapelle House) and La Candidat (aka The Candidate).

Best tracks on the album:

  • Prunelle (aka Pupil)
  • Cette Bête (aka This Animal)
  • Ste-Catherine (aka Catherine Street)
  • Brooklyn (aka Brooklyn)
  • Demain N’existe Plus (aka Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist)

Overall a great album and if you don’t know any french.
It can be a first starting point to like Indie French music from Montreal.

Sorry if my translation in French isn’t good.

Also anyone know the name of the hidden track after Demain N’existe Plus (aka Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist)

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