J.J. Ipsen and The Paper Crown – DaDaDa [Listen/Download]

J.J. Ipsen @ The Drake Hotel
The only time I saw J.J. Ipsen was my first time attending NXNE in 2009.
I happen to catch his set at the Drake Hotel.
Not to knowledge after NXNE 2009 ended, I didn’t know that J.J. Ispen is a ex-Ottawa native.

On April 26th, J.J. Ipsen and The Paper Crown will drop their full-length debut called Entertainment Ordinaire.
It showcases the band’s ability to write stirring and timeless lit-pop.
The result lands somewhere between Plush, Paul McCartney’s work on Ram, and Michael Chabon.
The songs are warm, clever, and backed by a band that finds a rare balance between technical ability and electric energy.
It’s a special collection of music that will take you back and lead you forward.

Have a listen to DaDaDa.
What a great catchy pop tune!

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