Good Lovelies @ The Black Sheep Inn

The Good Lovelies @ The Black Sheep Inn
I haven’t been to the Black Sheep Inn in quite some time.
Last time I was there was Land Of Talk on April 11, 2010.
I was there to see Toronto’s Good Lovelies (Somehow I thought they were East Coast) on March 31st.
There was no openers, just the band itself which is a first when attending shows at the Black Sheep Inn.
Also the show was being tape for CBC Radio 2‘s Canada Live.
Before the show I did an email interview with Kerri Ough, which is here.

The Good Lovelies @ The Black Sheep Inn
I didn’t take as much photos because their music was so engaging.
I just wanted to be entertained and eat the poutine at the Black Sheep Inn.
They sang alot of songs from their new album “Let The Rain Fall“.
Tracks that I liked were Home, Backyard (which is about Toronto and some jeers), Every Little Thing and Mrs. T (There was some French lyrics).
They did an amazing cover of K-os’ Crabbuckit.
The audience was very warm and attentive at the show.
They got the audience to participate in the chorus (whenever CBC will air the show).
All three had very great stories/banter to tell.
I missed the part about the Junos Awards which they won since I went to the washroom. A friend who was nicely enough to drive up there told me about it.
It was very funny to hear because they were surprised and it was either Caroline or Sue mentioned that they she had to pee when they received the awards.
Surprised that one of the members did some great leg slapping.
The Good Lovelies @ The Black Sheep Inn
Favorite part of the stories was Kerri mentioning about an interview they did.
Gist of it was they read a magazine saying being happy for 30 minutes lowers your cholesterol.
The night of the show, the paper quoted “The Good Lovelies helps lower your cholesterol”, it was very funny.
The Good Lovelies @ The Black Sheep Inn
Overall I totally enjoyed them.
Nice and really talented musicians!
The band will be embarking a tour in Australia.

Here are the photos
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Listen to Crabbuckit


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