Jane Inc. – Steel [Listen]

Today, Toronto-based experimental-pop artist, Jane Inc. who is Carlyn Bezic (U.S. Girls, Ice Cream and Darlene Shrugg) dropped the single called Steel.
The track is taken from the debut album Number One, which comes out on March 19, 2021 via Telephone Explosion Records.
Have a listen to the vibrant 80s inspired synth-pop art rock track.

About the track:
“Steel”, is a snappy foray into bug-eyed guitar pop, wedging agile riffs alongside blinging synthesizers and a thumping rhythm section. Thematically it adds to the conversation surrounding the increasingly imbalanced work/life pattern that we persevere with and the gentrification that is slowly sucking the soul out of cities whilst we keep our noses to the grindstone. “‘Steel’ is about the frustration of living to work and working to live,” explains Carlyn, “while condominiums (and the policy and bureaucracy that nurture them) slowly turn your hometown into a husk.”

Themes around how self-image affects our decisions and everyday lives continue throughout Number One. Within its lyrics and boisterous rhythms is an exploration of the difficulties of self-reflection when our sense of self is constantly shifting in each new context. Jane Inc. is an outlet to escape real-world bummers and forge fantasies, a sonic journey through a complex reality. It is an extension of Bezic, a solo persona used to explore the different facets of herself and her artistry.

Steel gets:

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