Charlotte Jacobs – B [Listen]

Brooklyn-by-Belgium musician Charlotte Jacobs dropped the track B.
B is taken from the upcoming EP The Shape of Wandering which comes out on April 9, 2021.
A nice dreamy electro-art pop track.
Sort of reminds me of other artist like Låpsley and Shura.

About the song:
“B” capitalizes on the effectiveness of this technique, seamlessly weaving Vertessen’s interpretive performance into Charlotte Jacobs’ dense, fixed arrangements to add a palpable dimension to the piece.

The track gives off an atmospheric feel with a hip-hop drum beat that sets you a float in thoughts to the flow of the music. Charlotte describes it as “What I like about this song is that it merges programmed beats with organic acoustic layered drums, so much even that it’s hard to hear the difference. The first time I’m introducing a drummer into my recorded music, usually I work with samples or drum computers.”

B gets:

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