Japandroids – Heart Sweats (Live @ Massey Hall) [Music Video]

Japandroids is one those bands that you need to experience live.
Today, they announced their first-ever live album reverently titled Massey Fucking Hall after the historic Toronto venue where it was recorded.
Dropping digitally on June 19 26, 2020 and vinyl on October 2, 2020 via ANTI- Records and Arts & Crafts.
Insane loudly high energetic epic rock track!

About the live track:
“We’ve always loved playing that one live,” drummer David Prowse said of “Heart Sweats”.
“It’s just got a great sense of momentum and never fails to get me hyped.
During that tour we were playing it second or third in the set.
It consistently feels like the moment in the set where I just get that sense of ‘oh yeah we’re cooking now,’ and everything just locks in and we’re ripping through the rest of the set.
All the nerves are gone and it’s the moment where we’re just locked in and totally in the zone.”
Heart Sweats (Live @ Massey Hall) gets:

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