JEFF The Brotherhood, The White Wires & Dagger Eyes @ Babylon Nightclub [February 6, 2012]

It was a night of punk, power pop and rock music at Babylon Nightclub on February 6, 2012.
First Monday show of 2012 so far.
The bands playing at the show:
JEFF The Brotherhood
JEFF The Brotherhood @ Babylon Nightclub
The White Wires
The White Wires @ Babylon Nightclub
Dagger Eyes
Dagger Eyes @ Babylon Nightclub

I was very excited for this show because I wanted to see JEFF The Brotherhood.
Having seeing them for a bit last year at the same venue but on the floor.
I was really impressed with their music.
JEFF The Brotherhood @ Babylon Nightclub
Starting off the show was Dagger Eyes.
A Montreal/Ottawa act.
It was my first time seeing them.
I thought it was the band I saw last summer which happened to be Devil Eyes.
Anyways, Dagger Eyes play a loud punk rocking set!
Short but great high energetic tunes.
Dagger Eyes @ Babylon Nightclub
Second was Ottawa’s The White Wires.
For those not familiar they are currently the best Ottawa power pop/punk band.
It was their last show in Ottawa for now.
The band will and hopefully be recording a new album later this year.
The band did play some new tracks and some favorites.
Ended of with Ha Ha Holiday!
A fun and enjoyable set.
The White Wires @ Babylon Nightclub
Last was JEFF The Brotherhood.
They put on a great loud psych-rocking set.
Let’s say the smoke machine was filling up the place during the first song.
I really enjoyed and got to stay for the whole set.
Pretty wild show they put on.
Love the clear guitar!
JEFF The Brotherhood @ Babylon Nightclub
Here are the rest of the photos.

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