Jesse Dangerously, Ennuie, Math Rose and pH on Aug 7th

It was nice August 7th evening at this house show/house party.
Happened to be Math Rosen’s welcome back party since being away from Ottawa for about a year.
It was nice evening with friends and great food.
Since Ennuie’s Ivana Borojevic made some great BBQ food for the people that attended this party.
Here is the list of acts that played:

Jesse Dangerously played outside in the backyard.
His music was kind of folk-rap.
A entertaining set he put on.

Ennuie was inside in the basement.
It was a fun wild set.
There was bad microphone problems when Ennuie tried to cover Lady Gaga’s Telephone.
Another entertaining set.

Math Rosen (aka Liar’s Rosebush) got people dancing to their feets.
It has been awhile since he played in Ottawa.
Lastly he played a remix of Drake.
I surely had a fun time during his set.

pH put on a great set.
During that time I was outside cooling off from all the dancing during Math Rosen’s set.

Overall it was fun Saturday evening.
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