Joel Plaskett – 3 (Volume 3 Review)

Finally the last disc to Joel Plaskett‘s album 3.
Things are more upbeat and fun.
Mix of pop, rock and folk sound (Most in the song Deny, Deny, Deny).
As I call it when Volume 1 & 2 are mixed in together.

Tracklisting on Volume 3:

  • Rewind, Rewind, Rewind
  • Precious, Precious, Precious
  • Deny, Deny, Deny
  • One Look
  • Our Place in the Sun
  • Lazy Bones
  • All the Way Down the Line
  • Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’
  • On & On & On

I have the say the last track “On & On & On” is the most interesting song in Volume 3.
The tracks is up to 12 minute which is definitely an epic Canadiana song.
Love how he mentions Sheila Rogers.

Nice change in the last disc of Three.
Joel is such a talent artist and his music is amazing to listen to.

Best Tracks:

  • Rewind, Rewind, Rewind
  • Precious, Precious, Precious
  • One Look
  • All the Way Down the Line
  • On & On & On

Overall this is such a great album and representing Canada.
Conceptual maybe if you think of the ways he titles the songs three times.
There is alot of songs to like in Three.
Just will take alot of time to get to enjoy all the songs.
Great he does some name dropings for cities of Canada. But no mention of Ottawa.


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