Interview with Ruby Coast

Ruby Coast
Members of Ruby Coast. Mark in a Teletubby costume while the other members are lost for words.

I decided to take a shot on trying to interview and ask questions.
Ruby Coast made a last minute stop in Ottawa.

The band was formed in Aurora, Ontario.
Have been great friends and love making music together.
Members consist of:

  • Mark Robert Whiting
  • Nathan Vanderwielen
  • Keith Bradford
  • Justice McLellan
  • Corey Marshall

Here goes with the questions I’ve asked them.

How was SXSW?
Mark: It was fun and crazy. Had a great time.
Justice: Every you hear about it. It is crazy there
Keith: Awesome time. Crazy streets closed for the event.
Nathan: Alright and only went to two shows because all the shows there were 21+
Corey: Kick Ass

Who did you get to see at SXSW?
Mark:Grizzly Bear and Harlem Shakes
Justice:Grizzly Bear, Harlem Shakes, Peter, Bjorn and John and The D’Urbervilles
Keith: Delta Spears, Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah and Andrew Reynolds (Professional skateboarder)

If you have a song you want to cover, what would it be?
Mark and Justice: Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure
Keith: 1800s by We’re Marching On (Not sure if I am right on this since the music got abit loud during individuals soundcheck)
Corey: Let me get back to you

I also asked each member about these characteristic qualities

Who is the creative in the band?
Mark: All
Keith: Corey
Nathan: All
Corey: Me

Who is the wildest in the band:
Mark: Justice
Justice: Me
Keith: Justice
Nathan: Justice
Corey: Justice

Who is the sexiest in the band (For the females who are reading this):
Mark: Corey
Justice: Corey
Keith: Mark
Nathan: Mark
Corey: Corey

Who is the laziest in the band:
Mark: Nathan
Justice: Nathan
Keith: Corey
Nathan: All
Corey: All

Who is the nicest in the band:
Mark: Keith
Justice: Mark
Keith: Mark
Nathan: Mark
Corey: Mark

Would you want the band to do very well in the USA?:
Mark: Yes
Justice: Yes and do well everywhere.
Keith: Yes
Nathan: Yes
Corey: Yes

What song represents Ruby Coast the most?:
Mark: High School Thoughts (Forgot the actual name but its a new song)
Justice: High School Thoughts
Nathan: High School Thoughts

Which bands do you like to tour with the most?
Mark: Radiohead. Actually it would be Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians
Justice: Tokyo Police Club, Harlem Shakes, Born Ruffians
Keith: Tokyo Police Club, Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah
Nathan: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

When will the full LP be released?:
Mark: Not very sure yet.
Justice: In the fall time.

Here is the end of the interview.
They are a great band to see live and their music is fun.
Go check out their stuff on Myspace.
Also photo is here.

Soundcheck and its their new song.
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