Joel Plaskett Emergency – Lightning Bolt

Today Joel Plaskett Emergency dropped the final single, entitled Lightning Bolt.
This is the tenth song in a series of ten recorded and digitally released by Joel and his band The Emergency; one song a week for ten weeks.
Finally Scrappy Happiness just dropped on March 13, 2012.
For more info about this ambitious project, check out CBC Radio 2′s post.

I bought the single on iTunes!
Here is what I think of the single:
You can say he saved the best for last on this song.
This is where he got the album title.
This being an six minute epic rock song.
Another deep down, dirty and hard edge rock sound to it.
Has that old school rock sound from the 1970s.
Totally love this great rocking track!
Have a listen to Lightning Bolt.
This ends the whole 10 weeks of singles he released since
With the whole album out now, you don’t have to buy the singles individually now.

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