Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene 2012 – Hottest Guitarists

As stated on part one of the results.
I guess I wasn’t very specific on this category.
This was included for anyone who plays the acoustic guitar.
With the votes tallied up.
Narrowed it down with the Top 5 plus three honorable mentions.
So here are the results for Hottest Guitarists.
Hopefully for next year, I will be prepared on who should be nominated and have more females added.
Sorry if I couldn’t find the right photos.


  1. Rolf Klausner of The Acorn
  2. Kelp 17: The Acorn

  3. David Wijsman of Fire & Neon
  4. Ottawa Rock Lottery: Mongolian Struggle Arms

  5. Allan Gauthier of The Love Machine
  6. The Love Machine @ St. Brigid's Centre for the Arts (BMS Finals)

  7. Davey of Thee Male Nurse and Pregnancy Scares
  8. Pregnancy Scares @ Finish What You Started Xmas Show

  9. Matt Gilmour of Hamilton
  10. Fashion Rocks!: New Teeth


  • Ian Manhire of The White Wires
  • The White Wires @ Babylon Nightclub

  • Nat Plummond of Constraints (Don’t have a photo of him)
  • Nathanaël Larochette of Musk Ox
  • Musk Ox @ Raw Sugar Cafe

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