Joel Plaskett – If There’s Another Road [Music Video]

Where did you go? You never made a sound,
Joel Plaskett sings, on “If There’s Another Road”, the title track from the third album in his upcoming box set, 44.
Singles from the four 11-song albums are being slowly revealed in advance of the project’s full release on April 17, 2020 the day before Plaskett’s 45th birthday.

About the song:
‘If There’s Another Road’ is one of my favorites from the project,” says Plaskett.
“It’s mood seemed to thematically sum up the third record in the set so it became the title track.
It was the first song I wrote on an old, 1930’s mandolin.
We tracked it at Memphis Magnetic Recording in April 2019 on a session put together by Doug Easley, who recorded Thrush Hermit’s Sweet Homewrecker back in 1996.
Doug and George Sluppick were the laid back rhythm section and Rick Steff played some beautiful piano.
Dave Shouse, whose work with The Grifters and Those Bastard Souls have influenced me considerably, added some great tension on Hammond organ to the last part of the song.
The chorus’ powerful backing vocals by Reeny, Mahalia and Micah Smith were later tracked at my New Scotland Yard studio with three of them around one mic. They really lifted the song to a higher place.

If There’s Another Road get:

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